Eviction of Slums in South West Kolkata and Maheshtala Municipality

Right Track has been working for and with the slum dwellers living in Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC this point forward) and Maheshtala Municipality (henceforth MM) area. With a right-based approach the Right Track has been fighting for the causes for the poor slum dwellers: right to shelter, education, health, employment and so on. As a close partner of the people living under the threat of eviction the organisation felt an urgency of studying the issue at some length in order to facilitate policy planning on this. While the close association with the slum-dwellers has given the Right Track an opportunity to develop an understanding on the people and their issues, there was a need for a systematic evaluation of the issue of eviction with special focus on the people’s perception on the subject built up over their direct experiences and secondary knowledge. How do they see eviction? What are their experiences of it? How do they live with the constant threat of eviction? What are their experiences as regards the basic human rights? How do they relate these issues with their identity ascribed by the state and larger society?