Gender Rights:

Gender Equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable society in the world. 

Addressing Gender Discrimination issue:

In our male dominated Society, there is Systemic discrimination at a societal, political, or institutional level based on an individual’s gender and/or sex. In the context of Right Track`s work, girls overwhelmingly face gender discrimination in terms of equal opportunity at a societal and institutional level, but gender norms and traditions are pervasive and affect a wide range of gender and sexual identities.

Addressing to Access Equitable Rights:

Practices that promote equal opportunity across genders in processes of representation, decision making, resource allocation, etc. Gender equitable practices are underpinned by attempts to theoretically and practically challenge gender norms and their effects, and offer alternative perceptions and behaviours towards gender. 

Strategy for addressing the issues of Gender Rights: –

  • Sensitization / dialogue with family, community on Gender Rights & discrimination, 
  • Strengthening and Group Formation of Youths (Male & Females) for making potential force against unsafe migration & fake marriage, 
  • Capacitate Youths on self-protection and provisions under different legislation, 
  • Sensitizing existing local bodies, law enforcing agency & key influential against violation of women & girls rights including stop early marriage.
  • Linkages and networking with different NGOs, CBOs, GOs etc.
  • Developing community level Protection Net against trafficking and provide referral Services,

In addressing the issues of adolescents, the organization is in the process of ensuring gender equality in all coverage areas. Moreover, a focused effort is being given where a sizable number of adolescents are being oriented for gender equality where they are provided with information on Sexual Reproductive health and Rights. A visible positive change in their behavior and cooperation of community people in this context has made the programme successful.

Gender Rights: Achievement in 10 years:

  • Formed 38 Adolescent Youth Groups in 20 Slums and 12 villages
  • 12 existing groups have taken active role to stop unsafe migration in the name of marriage, 
  • 36 Girls & young women have got safety net from Humen Trafficking with the help & intervention of local police and municipal / Gram Panchayet, 
  • 80% families of our intervention area are avoiding gender discrimination among their children and giving importance on decision making process,