Brief History:

Right Track started its work in the late 80s as a group of local youths in Mominpore got together to fight against local corruption. It has gradually started working on education, health care, vocational training, women’s empowerment, youth development and advocacy for the promotion of basic human rights. The objective is to facilitate the process towards building a civil society through collective action, participation and community-based initiatives. The organization strives to reach out to the street and working children, domestic child labour, trafficked children, children involved in begging and adolescent youth. While violence against women & girls is a cross-cutting issue.

Contribution of Right Track on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Sl No


District, Names of Blocks, No of Villages / Slums Approx. households every district
1. No Poverty – End Poverty in all its forms everywhere
  1. District 1:  Kolkata, KMC Ward no. 79, 80
  2. District 2: Maheshtala Municipality, ward no. 1 – 35 under South 24 Parganas Dist.

(Initiated campaigns for ensuring minimum wages for people engaged in the un-organized labour sector thru networking with local partners)

Study Conducted

  1. The crudities of survival entitlements of basic Rights among Urban Poor – 2007
  1. District 1: 1,50,635 in KMC under 79 and 80 wards
  2. District 2: 84,806 in MM wards
2.  Zero Hunger – End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture Facilitated the process of accessing benefits of AAY, APL, BPL Ration Cards, and Ration Shop made functional. Continuous demonstration & Campaign launched, use RTI etc. in districts before the Authority of Food Department, Govt. of West Bengal, ensured midday meal in all schools of Kolkata district, made PIL.

Study Conducted

  1. Status of children in the  TeaGardenn of Dooars, Jalpaiguri
  1. 6,334 households in KMC Slums areas of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
  2. 18,826householdsd in MM Wards under south 24 Parganas Dist.
3 .  Good Health and Well-Being – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages Community level Sensitization & Campaign on health issues, ensuring 523 ICDS Centers functional, Facilitated establishment of Pry. Health Care Centers in all Municipal wards of the target areas. Campaigns on handwashing, sanitation, and Brest feeding have been launched in 150 Schools (Pry.& Secondary) along with the formation of women groups in the target area.

Social Accountability Program among young adolescents at School and Community Level

Study conducted

“Status of ICDS In West Bengal”

  • 1142 children access the ICDS Center in a slum area of KMC,
  • 1972  Children access the ICDS Centre in Maheshtala Municipality Wards,
  • 2300 mothers have been taken in practice for breastfeeding,
  • 21,000 children of 3-8 years age group from local schools and urban slums,
  • 36 schools (1500 students) of Maheshtala Municipality under 24 Parganas South,
  • 100 adolescents were reached at community level 4
4.  Quality Education – Ensurinclusivelyve and quality education for all and promote life-long learning For to make the schools functional, ma ade comprehensive survey on RTE Act. 2009 Compliance in Govt. / Govt. aided Schools. A full-fledged Campaign and demonstration were organized before the authority of schools anthDepartmentment of Pry / Secondary School Education, Govt. of West Bengal. Parents have been sensitized to lodge complaints before the authority for ensuring middamealsal. Used RTI and involved community stakeholders for ensuring people’s participation in the process. Regular workshops are conducted with the teachers for making quality education in the schools. An approach was made for ensuring all components of quality education in Govt. schools. 30 schools were taken for implementation of quality components in Kolkata.

Developed animation and documentary films on the importance of Girl Child Education, which is being used as promotion tools by different community-level Institutions.

Initiated a platform named as State Education Chapter in linkages with RTE Forum at National Level and West Bengal Education Network at the State level.

Study conducted

  1. Status of Ward Education Committee
  2. Mid-Day meal in Kolkata – A status report- 2009
  3. Report of the Study on Monitoring of Scholastic Performance of underprivileged children in formal schools – 2008
  4. Scope, challenges and strategies of the school management committee (SMC) in Maheshtala – 2010
  5. A status of the infrastructure of ICDS centres in Districts of West Bengal – 2008
  6. Possibilities of improving the functionalities of urban public primary schools 2008
  • 23 Govt. aided Schools has been functional with Mid-day meal facility in the KMC area,
  • 52 Govt. aided Schools has been functional with Mid-day meal facility in the Maheshtala Municipality area,
  • Campaign for ensuring Quality Education in 10 Districts of West Bengal thru networking with local District level partners.
5.  Gender Equality- Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls prepared prepared prepared prepared Prepared module and conducted workshops with male adolescents in  sessions to sensitize them on gender equality and bring positive behavioural attitude so that they can come out from traditional patriarchal concepts and uphold the issues of women so that gender-based violence in society can be reduced
  • 400 male adolescents participated in orientation program on Gender Equality
  • Avillage-levell Campaign on gender equality was initiated by 340 male Graduate adolescents
6.  Clean Water and Sanitation- Ensure access to water and sanitation for all On a regular basis the voice of the community people was raised through sensitization, placed a demand on the appropriate authority and ensured supply of safe drinking water, installed taps in the locality, ensured municipal services of water and sanitation in urban slums.
  • 1325 households accessed drinking water facilities in the slums of the KMC target area.
  • 2302 households have benefitted to get drinking water facilities in the slums of Maheshtala Municipality
  • 6000 water filters and covered buckets were distributed in five Districts (Kolkata, Howrah, 24 Parganas (N) & (S) and Hooghly)
7. Affordable and Clean Energy – Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all We worked in the slums of KMC Ward no. 79 & 80 on renewable energy to stop stealing electricity and to ensure a quality environment,Kolkata, Howrah, 24 Parganas (N) & (S) and Hooghly set up of Solar Panels in 100 schools

Facilitated installation of improvementChulah in community households and established solar panels in educational institutions.

Provide Water filters and buckets to poor people with lids to the poor families.

  • 500 household installed improvementChulhas in Urban Kolkata
  • 50 community schools have access to Solar Energy through the installation of Solar Panel in Urban Kolkata
  • 100 Govt. aided Schools have installed Solar Panels to reduce a load of electricity and hazards in five Districts of West Bengal.
  • 7000 families in five Districts of West Bengal
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth – Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all worked worked Worked in the last 3 years with Youths for skill development on several trades with Job oriented placement in several establishments.

Study conducted

  1. Impact of Privatization of Solid Waste Management on Rag Pickers – 2010
  • 1211 youths (male ^& female) skill oriented have been placed in the establishment of Hospital / Nursing Homes, Multiple shops, Parlors, Security Agency & others etc.
9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure- Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation now Now, we are working to establish & promote Co-operative Industrial Society for enhancing capacity in the group to earn collectively with a branding name on dress material manufacturing.
  • 2 separate groups will be established
10.  Reduced Inequalities – Reduce inequality within and among countries strengthening Strengthening the existing platform “Bharat Bangladesh Pakistan People`s Forum (BBPPF) to promote brotherhood and reduce tension among the 3 nations.

SAF: South Asian Fraternity – promoting Peace, Harmony and trade amongst SAARC Countries, based in New Delhi, India

  • Established & strengthening the national / State / District level committee of BBPF to promrelationstion among the 3 nations.
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities – Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable Organized community level sensitization programme, organized campaign through alliance building where people approached the State Urban Development Authority and Municipal bodies for safe habitation and access houses through different central and state schemes

Study Conducted

  1. Threatened Existence: eviction in Urban areas – A study in Kolkata and Maheshtala, West Bengal – 2009
  2. Impact of JNNNURM on Children in KMDA area of West Bengal
Formation and functioning of Maheshtala Nabajagaran Mancha and Kolkata Naba Jagaran Manch – Alliances of marginalized people, working in Maheshtala and Kolkata respectively.
12. Responsible Consumption and Production – Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns                   No              No
13. Climate Action- Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts workshops Workshops have been organized among the NGOs and faith-based Institutions to aware of the effects of Climate Change and towards reducing air pollution & creating greenness within their peripheral area.

City Level Consultation on Climate Change in collaboration with Green Faith, India

An awareness program on Environment Literacy is being organized in several schools of Kolkata

  • 2 Regional workshops have been organized with 50 participants of NGOs & GOs in Siliguri for North & in Kolkata for South Bengal.
  • One workshop on faith-based sed Institutions to be organized in Kolkata to ensure value-based commitment towards their community that they can take into practice.
  • 700 students in 10 schools
14. Life Below Water- Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources                  No               No
15. Life on Land- Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss                 No             No
16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions – Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies Right Track has become a part of the Campaign “Know your neighbours” to promote communal harmony among the citizens towards having a Just and Inclusive Society.

Arrange interactive sessions with the local people to promote peace and harmony through cultural exchanges

  • A group of Intellectuals, Professors from different universities, NGOs, and Students has been established for a Campaign that organizes talks, debates, exposures etc in minority/majority-dominated areas of Kolkata through formal/informal mode of action.
  • Participated in Peace Development Programs at the National & International level
17. Partnerships for the Goals –Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
  1. ARF: Asian Resource Foundation, Bangkok, Thailand,
  2.  Green Faith, USA
  3.  Equal Community Foundation, India
  4. AMAN: Association of Muslim Action Network
  5. SAF: South Asian Fraternity
1.       SDG 16

2.       SDG 6 & 7

3.       SDG 5

4.       SDG 16

5.       SDG 16

Awards Received by Right Track: 

Sl. No. Name of the award    Year Level (International / National / District / Block) Name of agency giving the award
1. Certificate of Recognition    2012          International Institute Institute of Economics & Cultural Geography, Leibniz University, Hannover, Germany
2. Mementoes & Certificates of Appreciation 2007 – 2016              National Lions International, Lioness Clubs, Inner City, Kolkata & Howrah Community, Rotates etc.
3. Certificates 0f Recognition &  Appreciation 2020- 2022              Regional / State People`s Representatives, District Administration, BDOs etc.
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