Sustainable Livelihood

Strategies for Livelihood:

  • Capacitate youths for skill& entrepreneurship development
  • Facilitating youths for suitable employment opportunities
  • Social mobilization and strengthening community people on significance of Entitlement documents with regard to opting suitable livelihood options
  • Linkages & networking with line departments for creating access to various govt. schemes




Livelihood: Achievement in last 10 years:


  • More than 2000 youth have been trained and linked with placements
  • The skill training had motivated the child labourers to withdraw themselves from hazardous form of labour
  • The family income also increased and the youth are living with dignity

From 2008 the organization has been prioritizing vocational training programme for vulnerable children to reduce vulnerability and simultaneously making skilled workforce who can lead their lives with dignity and thus increasing their family income. The financial condition of the families can be improved and broad positive changes are to be seen within the community. Since poverty is one of the causative factors behind Child trafficking, and Child labour so vocational education can be an effective tool and simultaneously addresses SDGs which state no poverty and decent work and economic growth.


Activities like auto campaign, Talking Doll Show, Street Theatre and Street Kiosk are organized as a part community mobilization to sensitize community people on the issue of employment through vocational training. This innovative approach is very much helpful for sourcing of suitable candidates. Through these programs we can motivate community very easily. The stakeholders like ward councilors, local clubs, local youths, key persons are linked for identification of youths who will be under capacity building programs.

Engage youth for skill development through Market Oriented Skill Training (MOST). Till now 216 youth are engaged in top most hotels/ Cafe and shopping malls.

Building Alliances:

pix-11 Apart the regular activities in slums, squatter colonies in the city and under privileged area of rural Bengal the organization with it’s belief on the strength of community people have initiated the process of alliance building in a concept of handing over the responsibility to the community in context to sustainability of all initiatives. Thus, two alliances named ‘MaheshtalaNavajagaranManch’ and ‘Kolkata NabajagaranManch’, were formed where people were capacitated on their rights who later started moving to government departments for accessing entitlements and benefits available in different schemes. They are also engaged in addressing social issues, e.g. motivating people to send their children to school, ensuring deliverables through public distribution system etc.


Networking and advocacy:

pix-11 The organization has national level networking namely ‘Right to education forum’, ‘State Education chapter’, ‘Campaign against child labour’ etc. through these networking the organization has raised its voice and marked its presence in different forums. In addressing issues like trafficking, domestic violence, gender discrimination it is always in touch with state legal aids for enhancing legal awareness as well as intervention in the project area.




Orphan Sponsorship Program

pix-11 In the district of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, India, organization supporting more than 250 orphan children in the villages through sponsorship programme. These orphan children are mostly from the minority community, extremely poor family condition and deprived of all kinds of basic facilities which are needed for survival. Organization remembering the status of orphans in Islam is dedicated to provide care and support to these families so that they can improve their status from marginalized and underprivileged situation and the family itself can live a life with dignity. Through this support mothers become able to provide food to the children and children can continue their studies in school.


Seasonal Programme

  • Besides regular program Right Track organizes Food Support program for many of its beneficiaries. Some of the project areas are comprised of extremely poor communities who are deprived of all sorts of facilities. They cannot manage two square meals a day. Despite extreme effort of the organization most of them are still out of reach of the basic services. Organization is endeavoring to cater all sorts of support services for them so that they can have sufficient food for their families. Emphasis is given to the families with orphan children, women headed families and families with very poor or almost no earning.


  • Dress Distribution: During festivals organization provides dresses to the children of underprivileged population living in slums and streets. Every year hundreds of children get new dresses and enjoy the festival with full vigour. Their smiling faces brightens the illumination of the festival and gives motivationto the organization to continue such work in a sustainable manner.
  • Winter-Aid Program: Every year organization provides warm clothes to the children, women and elderly members of the families. Beneficiaries are mostly from urban slums and poor families in the villages. This support protects them from chilling cold of the rural area. Children with their sweaters and pullovers can go to school regularly.