Brief history of RIGHT TRACK

Right Track started its work in the late 80s as a group of local youths in Mominpore got together to fight against local corruption. It has gradually started working on education, health care, vocational training, women’s empowerment, youth development and advocacy for promotion of basic human rights. The objective is to facilitate the process towards building a civil society through collective action, participation and community based intiatives. The organisation strives to reach out to the street and working children, domestic child labour, trafficked children, children involved in begging and adolescent youth. While, violence against women & girls are a cross cutting issue.

Right Track is going to promote Agro-forestry through sustainable land management. The farming households (both male and female counterparts of the household) would be sensitized and incentivized on the Agrisilviculture (i.e., food/cash cropping with fruiting or timber trees) in their lands located close to their settlements, where they had been producing single crops previously. The targeted farmers could choose any suitable and locally adapted combination of the agro forestry to try out in their lands, for example, fruit trees with vegetable cropping. The project is supposed to create two major impacts- 1) diversifying and enhancing income of the smallholders from the same piece of land in the sustained manner, and 2) reducing land degradation, and protecting the local environment and biodiversity in compliment to the nearby protected mangrove forests.