Women Empowerment:


Women’s Empowerment is to promote women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. 

Right Track is working towards capacity building & social mobilization of women and adolescent girls so that they can enjoy their rights to their full potential. Various campaign programmes are organized throughout the year against early marriage, dowry and gender discrimination among the partner communities. We provide support to the survivors of domestic violence and abuse by establishing linkage with different networks and organizations providing legal support. 

Initiative for intervention; Strengthening the groups of women and adolescents to fight for their rights, how they can protest against domestic violence etc. Members of these groups act as peer educators; they visit the other household within the community and sensitize the women about their rights, the ill effects of gender discrimination, early marriage and dowry etc. Sensitization of the Stakeholders on issues related to women and girl children; Awareness generation among the school management and Ward Education Committee so that enrollment and retention rate of the girl children in school get increased. Linkages and liaising with Law Enforcement Agencies and Legal Aid Cells. Social Empowerment of women groups through capacity building on law, legislation and Self Development. Economic empowerment through the formation of Self Help Groups.

Strategies for Women& Girls Rights: –

  • Community sensitization and alliance building against violence against women& girls,
  • Capacitate women on self-protection and provisions under different legislation
  • Sensitizing existing local bodies, law enforcement agency & key influence against violation of women& girls’ rights including stopping early marriage.
  • Linkages and networking with different NGOs, CBOs, GOs etc.
  • Develop community level Protection mechanisms against trafficking and provide referral Services,

In addressing the issues of adolescents, the organization is in the process of ensuring gender equality in all coverage areas. Moreover, a focused effort is being given where a sizable number of adolescents are being oriented for gender equality where they are provided with information on Sexual Reproductive health and Rights. A visible positive change in their behaviour and cooperation of community people in this context has made the programme successful. 

Women and Girls’ Rights: Achievement in 10 years:

  • An alliance called Maheshtala Naba Jagaran Mancha (a group with maximum participation of community women) was formed and made functional for advocating for their rights and entitlements
  • Adolescents and women groups are formed and functional for sensitizing area-wise women and adolescents on rights and entitlements
  • Through advocacy MNJM have facilitated the accessibility of birth certificate, ration card and voter card for more than 5000 underprivileged and marginalized persons.
  • Women groups raised their voices against domestic violence and child marriage cases and successfully prohibited 40 such cases which ensure SDG # 5